Buyer’s Guide to Roller Blind Performance Fabrics

If you have decided that roller blinds are going to be the best covering for your windows, the next thing to choose is what fabric your window blinds should be made from. Before you start looking at all the many hundreds of colours and patterns that are available for roller blinds we suggest you first think about where the blind is to be used and in what situations it is to be operated, so that you can determine any requirements you might have for the fabric. In the home most roller blinds might simply be used for night time privacy in the bedroom, but many are also used in other situations, for example for controlling glare from the sun in an office. Thinking about where and how the roller blind is to be used in this way will help to identify the performance you require from the fabric and help you select the most suitable fabric for your blind.

To help you determine the performance requirements for your roller blind fabric we have put together a list of the usual considerations we think a blind purchaser should think about. After each area of consideration we have listed the normal ‘performance fabrics’ that roller blind fabric manufacturers usually have in their product range that have been developed to meet the requirements you might have. The list is not very long so we suggest going through the list and noting all the requirements that are important to you and eliminating those that are not. In this way you will easily come up with your fabric performance specification for your roller blind.

Here are the different types of fabrics and requirements we have examined:
Solar Control
Thermally Efficient Fabric
Anti-bacterial and washable fabrics
Flame retardant and sustainable fabrics
Light & Privacy Control